A breakthrough cure regimen for post finasteride syndrome

I never dreamed one day I’d be composing a blog such as this.  In some strange way I feel it was meant for me to use proscar/propecia and trudge through the alleged so called irreversible side effects.  Of course I do not feel these side effects are permanent or irreversible.  As a matter of fact, the devastating side effects some men suffer as a result of using propecia can be treated successfully.  “Treated successfully” means total recovery.  Is it easy?  Sort of.  The hard part is following the regimen.  The regimen itself is easy.  For some psychological reason, a good number of people cannot follow simple instructions.  When Edward Thorp discovered the game of blackjack could be beat by counting cards, Las Vegas feared they may have to quit offering the game at the casinos.  This fear was quickly subdued when the casino managers realized more and more people were playing blackjack attempting to beat the game but were not counting cards properly and as a result these new blackjack players lost a lot of money.  Thus, the casinos increased their profit on the game of blackjack after a method of beating the game was discovered.  The point being, we as humans tend to mess stuff up, even easy stuff.  So I do not expect this blog to help everyone.  If it helps and heals one person, it’s well worth it.

I’m going to break this down into several posts.  The actual condition and treatment of this condition is a humdinger.  There are a few moving parts.  It took a lot of observation as well as trial and error to nail this thing.  Thinking outside the box was very helpful.  If anyone reading this blog is going to limit how they think or what they are willing to do to cure this situation, it may not be as helpful to them.  That being said, only one part of the treatment is remotely controversial and needlessly so.

The 3 aspects of this treatment are as follows- exercise, nutrition and medication.  By experience, I cannot comprehend how my situation could have been resolved without all three facets working synergistically.  In my next post I’ll starting getting into the regimen and give details.  Good day to all.


27 thoughts on “A breakthrough cure regimen for post finasteride syndrome

  1. ı have muscle atrophy, depression, blurry vision, ınsomnıa, brain fog, anxiety for usıng fınasterıde.
    I wıll read your regımen, are you a member of propeciahelp.com. I want to help me because ım sufferıng strongly thıs symptoms.

  2. congratulations for your recovery on this curse. Could you please tell us in a nutshell what we are supposed to do? there is a lot of people suffering and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  3. Hello. Would you tell me what medication you took to cure post finasteride syndrome? I have pfs too. So… Would you replay to me? Thank you ^^ I can read english well but wriring is little bit hard..

  4. jthompsoninc, Thank you for your leadership in creating this blog. There are thousands of us, and no doubt everyone will be anxiously awaiting your story – particularly your treatment plan.

    It sounds like you are busy with other stuff, but please prioritize these posts. It would mean a lot to a lot of people.

  5. Hello everyone, I suffered from Saw Palmetto side effects the same as finasteride symptoms.
    The following saved my life and gave me a full recovery (plus penis growth benefits!! Please, Please, everyone do this IT MAY VERY WELL CURE YOU ALL as it did me! The amazing thing is that this regime is also one that specifically grows the penis AND destroys Scar Tissue! (Peyronie’s disease)

    #1 Eat TONS of Sorghum and Millet, they are well known 5-alpha reductase ACTIVATORS!

    FACT: Our 5-alpha reductase enzyme was inhibited by this poison, these will factually reverse the effects. (African ethnicity individuals are known for having generally larger penises specifically because Sorghum and Millet have been major staples of the African diet for thousands of years and they make the penis grow by activating 5 alpha reductase at birth, puberty and throughout life, so this has been engrained genetically in their descendents)
    You can get your penis fully back and your libido to 110% and growth after that!, eat craploads of the stuff to shock your body back into kick ass action!

    #2 Take a half tablespoon of Evening Primrose Oil Daily with juice. This expands the nerves and blood vessels allowing room for growth of the penis specifically and also the muscles. It contains Prostaglandin E1 which DESTROYS SCAR TISSUE! (Peyronie’s disease). It also kicks in the nerve endings in the penis so you can literally destroy the scar tissue and outgrow the crap!

    FACT: This is VERY GOOD for your penis and overall health even without scar tissue.
    The damn penis shrinkage or curving was caused by a buildup of cortisol and collagen in the penis, Prostaglandin E1 DESTROYS this crap!

    #3 Take L-tyrosine supplements. This will kick in DHT production! Do this AFTER you have taken Sorghum and Evening Primrose Oil. This will help to grow the penis back (and grow more after) and help with positive moods and confidence.

    #4 Take Choline Bitartrate or other Choline supplements with juice. This will straighten the penis and kick in the nerves to respond (most people are normally low in Choline)

    #5 Take Ashwagandha Extract (The “Himalaya Products” version is highly recommended)
    This helps wherever your body needs help the most it helps heal scar tissue and assists everything else you are already doing.

    #6 Fasting and intense prayer for full healing. Do intermittent fasting once every 1 to 2 weeks for a full day at least do more if you feel able and inspired to do so. This kicks in
    Human Growth Hormone to 2000% at exactly 24 hours of a water only fast! Kicks in youthful growth.

    #7 Practice abstinence, you should stimulate the genitals gently but do not ejaculate you need to build up your nutrients within the body and penis for the effects to be quickly and fully realized.

    I KNOW the above info will help you all out a ton. To what degree I do not know but you will notice SUBSTANTIAL IMPROVEMENT especially in the sexual realm, where it matters the most.

  6. The above comment is a really good post. During my darkest time I had tried most all of those practices/supplements EXCEPT sorghum and millet. I decided to try those two foods over the last few weeks. I purchased muddy creek pure sorghum syrup along with organic millet from the bulk bin from whole foods. Both of these food products most definitely raised my testosterone and I believe dht. I still use avodart as I feel it is not a harmful drug and it maintains hair count. Although not harmful in my experience, avodart is still a dht inhibitor of course. Side effects for me of dht inhibition are slight water retention, less muscular body and a saggy looking face for lack of a better description. Sorghum and millet no doubt mitigated these side effects. An improvement in penis girth is also noticeable. Sex drive is improved as well. I wholeheartedly thank Jeff for his contribution. A warning on millet- it interferes with the uptake of iodine. Iodine is an antagonist of flouride. Flouride is in city tap water and a lot of food and as most people are aware of, toothpaste. Flouride is a very harmful substance and I advise avoiding it as much as possible. For this reason (wanting iodine to counteract flouride in my system) I tried just using sorghum and the effects were virtually the same as using both sorghum and millet. Too much flouride and too little iodine can cause joint problems.

    Another word of caution. As stated in the blog, I had success using cipro along with avodart. Recently I’ve read up on the possible side effects of antibiotics like cipro. The drug class is called fluoroquinolones. There are some horror stories that rival those of propecia sufferers. For this reason I advise extreme caution and try other methods first or cut it out all together. I don’t fee like it’s necessary if one is doing everything else right. Rifampin is older and safer and no real horror stories associated with it that I can find. Otherwise healthy people seem to have no issues. Although avodart and Rifampin interact and I do not advise taking them together- both helped me tremendously.

    Another thing I want to emphasis. PAY ATTENTION TO HOW YOU FEEL. Meaning if you drink a cup of coffee (coffee is hard on adrenal glands and absolutely a no no for pfs sufferers) and feel like crap, figure it out that it was the coffee. That goes for everything. Avoid any supplement that contains dicalcium phosphate. For some reason this substance lowers testosterone. It took me a long time to figure all this stuff out. Pay attention. Every effect has a cause. Organic raisins (no oil added) and walnuts are great for this condition. For some reason I have good luck with Diamond walnuts from Sams club which are not organic and I use Newman organic raisins. Apples are great for this condition. If you eat chips of any kind- avoid flavored and try to find ones that are cooked in olive or canola oil. I’m not a big fan of canola but it does seem to not lower testosterone from my experience. Thin and crispy Tostidos have only canola oil I believe. Salsa is out. Vinegar is very bad. At the onset of my experience I had loved chips and salsa. Funny thing was, I got a huge headache after eating salsa. It took probably two years to figure out that the vinegar in salsa was causing the pounding headaches. BE AWARE of what you just ate or did and how that made you feel. If you feel good, keep doing it. If you feel bad, recognize what it was that made you feel that way and avoid it. Before you totally recover, living life like this can make life so much better and actually enjoyable again. I was so in the dark on this stuff that I actually used a vinegar rinse in the shower as a scalp cleanser. Of course during this time I was feeling awful and had no clue why. Sour creams is another no no. I love sour cream but figured out it lowered testosterone as well. It’s easy to figure this stuff out once becoming acutely aware of everything going into your body. One day a person may be feeling well and possibly even a little sexual and then all of a sudden that feeling is gone. More than likely something was ingested that caused that good feeling to go away. Toothpaste- I brush with coconut oil now and every few days use baking soda. Do not use baking soda everyday, it will make the teeth sensitive. Along with a host of problems, flouride also lower testosterone. Boron is good. The point is too have enough going right that you feel better and can recover. Some of this comment may be a redundant but bears repeating. That involves doing the right things and avoiding the wrong things. Life weights but do not do strenuous exercise. Good luck and God bless everybody.

  7. hey thank you for the previous posts! very helpful as i noted for myself. i am in a way better conditions after trying your regimen. however, my sensitivity is still poor…any idea what might help to get that back to normal? apart from that, i read that millet and l-tyrosine can cause goiter if consumed daily. do u kno anything about that?

    • Hey W Sapu, Thanks for you post about Ashwaghanda and authentic Shilajit. How much do did you take every day of each powder in order to get cured from your PFS, and which side effects did you have?

    • Here is how I recovered after getting PFS lasting several years from saw palmetto which is potent, if not more, as propecia. You should see signs of recovery within few weeks after following these steps.

      First Step, drop all supplements you are currently taking. Start clean. Then start with Ashwaghanda which is a very safe herbal supplement from India used for thousands of years to increase stamina in men. 1500-2500mg a day is a good dose to cure PFS. Optional – Authentic Shilajit, which is very hard to find, is a good complement for Ashwaghanda when taken together. You only need small quantity of Shilajit per day (about the size of a rice grain) You should cycle these supplements few months ON and month or two OFF and restart the cycle and lower the dose as you heal to around 1500mg. You can also try other natural safe methods to increase your DHT like sprinting, 24 hour water only fasting twice a week, not eating at night, keeping a very lean body with minimal fat by getting rid of belly fat (this is crucial for DHT production), drinking coffee, eating magnesium rich foods, eating few eggs, prunes, broccoli, weight lifting few times a week, cardio on other days, stopping all tea, especially green tea, stopping alcohol etc. Before you take a supplement or food a normal person would not take, research online extensively to see if its a DHT blocking food or not and avoid them. There are foods like mangoes if you keep eating everyday will block your DHT. You probably want need other supplements than what I’ve recommended. I would also drop the multivitamin since it contains Zinc which can make you hard to recover from PFS. Only eat natural foods that normal people would take.

      Also spread the word online in forums, articles, videos that blocking DHT want help baldness. So another person would not fall to the same trap we did. Once you cure yourself, let others know as well so they can recover their life from this mess. These two steps are essential. It will create a powerful good karmic force to heal you faster when you save other people from this disaster. Trust me on this. It will also help you to bring back your lost confidence.

      Also, be sure to SHAVE THAT d…. head so you can gain back your confidence. This is crucial. More you regret about hair. You will decrease your confidence which will weaken your male hormones. You need persuade your mind that what happened was for your good and now you are more potent than before and can last long than before, and a stronger person than before. This will bring back winner’s mindset which is crucial for all your hormones to return to normal. Once you let go of the hair, it will increase you confidence which will in turn increase DHT and your performance when you need it.

      Finally, this is the most crucial step. May this be your motto and purpose in life as MAN until you die. This will enhance your DHT and testosterone production for the rest of your life.

      Beauty is for women and not men. Men are built for confidence by nature not beauty. So losing that hair or whatever your body part is not problem as long as it makes your stronger. It does not matter if you find a women or not as long as you are confident. Confidence is your Crown Jewel. You need to protect it. Dont let a women destroy it. Even if if she turns you down, think that it enhanced your confidence to ask another women. It doesn’t matter if all women you ask, turns you down. You are still ahead of rest of the pack who want even ask a women for fear of rejection. This is how you build the winning mindset. Your purpose in life is to enhance your confidence until you die whether you get a chance to mate or not. Finally, don’t exceed moral bounds when dealing with women. Dont go after married women or any women that society want accept. This also creates a good karmic force behind you to enhance you confidence. Confidence is the KEY to a lasting recovery.

  8. Hi W. Sapu, how did you do with the products you are mentioning. How much did you take of each product, and when could you feel something changed in your body. Which side effects did you suffer from? I have problems with aniexity, deppresive thoughts, hard to make things during the day, brain fog, pressure in my head, and cognitive problems………..Please help me, I have been sick now for 2½ year………..

  9. Guys I too was a PFS sufferer. I took finasteride for about 3-4 months. It took me a good 7 months but I managed to overcome these side effects with great success. I did unfortunately toy with saw palmetto off and on for the past year and a half which has done more harm than good to my digestive tract and I have some stubborn weight gain around my abdomen. Whether it’s natural or not, playing with your hormones is not usually the best game plan. Please realize that inhibiting your dht production to save hair can improve your appearance while simultaneously diminishing your quality of life. The best thing to do is what’s been mentioned above. One thing I just want to add is that there really is no replacement for TIME. Stay off the horrid forums like propeciahelp. I’m not saying that people on there aren’t suffering, however there are some who’s attitude really can be contagious and make you think you’re doomed forever. Chances are whether it’s weeks, months or even years, your body will more than likely find equilibrium from this. Remember to give your body credit of it’s healing capabilities. This is just a very complicated and unique situation that throws your body out of whack for a while. Give your body the best chance to recover and don’t give up because of what people in the media and on the internet say about permanent effects. And remember, the science is more than likely on our side with this issue. And if this helps anyone, don’t smoke weed or drink too much alcohol for a while. Keep sober, and do whatever it takes to make yourself happy. Hair doesn’t get you the girl, your confidence will. And after this mess you can really enjoy sex, because it’s much better when you’re not inhibiting your most potent sex hormone! Good luck to everyone

  10. Hey team. I’ve used Propecia for 17yrs. I want to stop. I’m 57. I’m terrified by what I’ve learned only today. Today I learned about PFS. And I wonder if I now better understand my recent chronic depression and lack of drive and initiative and energy and otimism. Anybody out there who is a two-decade user like myself?

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