I appreciate everyone’s patience.  Since there is interest and visibility to this blog, expect posts to be more timely.      

The first step in this regimen is a rather obscure or at least somewhat rarely used antibiotic called Rifampin.  This medication is used to treat TB and certain skin conditions.  I’ve never known it to be unsafe if used correctly.  The interesting thing about this medication is a certain side effect.  What is this side effect?  It just so happens that Rifampin (it goes by other similar sounding names as well) raises testosterone.  And even more interesting, Rifampin seems to raise testosterone outside of the hormone feedback loop that fin somehow disabled.  Here is a link that discusses Rifampin’s effect on testosterone.  


In my regimen, I have used Rifampin at a dose of 300mg and 600mg per day for up to 2 weeks at a time.  There is an aspect of diminishing returns with the dosage as 300mg seems almost as potent as 600mg.  There are most likely varying degrees of response depending on the individual.  Rifampin will prime the body for other steps in the regimen.  This is a process, a healing process.  Every step and aspect is important and I’ll post again soon.  Good day to all