Hello and God bless to all who are reading this post.  I sincerely hope and pray for healing to anybody who has this devastating condition.  After a lot of soul searching and prayer over the past few weeks, I’ve come to a conclusion that will hopefully be a life changing revelation to all or at least some of you.  I believe God held me back from posting again until I had something to say that glorified Him.  We have all seen recovery stories on the help site and mine largely went along with those.  Weight lifting, hill running/jogging, nutrition tips etc.  My suggestion on medication was different.  I had great success using Rifampin along with avodart.  In my experience, when combined with weight lifting, hill running and a sensible diet- avodart will raise testosterone.  Once testosterone is raised sufficiently, then clomid and nolvadex can help tremendously.  All this advice is rudimentary to a large extent.  Without going in to too much detail about my own journey, I’ll get down to the bottom line about what is going to help or heal a good number of you if not most of you, I pray all of you.  First of all, Jesus can heal this condition.  Get to know Jesus.  Ask Him to reveal Himself to you.  If you ask Him sincerely, He will show Himself to you.  It will be unmistakeable.  Secondly, stop at once lust and masturbation.  The human body was not meant to have orgasm after orgasm on a daily basis.  God did not make us that way.  This activity drains the adrenal glands and prevents healing.  The constant “fight or flight” mechanism that orgasms trigger in the body is not healthy.  Many or most of you are not healing because lust and masturbation is turning the body into a hormonal war zone.  Let the body HEAL.  When somebody has a broken leg, do they run on it and constantly test it to see if it works?  So this post is about Jesus, turn this condition over to HIM!  Pray for recovery.  Stop masturbating and ask God to take away the lust and sexual compulsion that’s wrecking havoc on the body.  For those who have tried testosterone replacement therapy, it’s possible the body is no longer able to produce testosterone at a normal level.  By eliminating unhealthy sexual habits, replacement therapy may indeed be successful under a healthy living situation.  I pray for healing for all, Jesus is Lord and wants to save us.  Each soul is of utmost importance to Him.  I pray this helps everybody reading this but if it helps just one person, it’s worth it.  God bless everybody                                                     


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