I’m aware my story may not be of value to everybody.  Then again, it very well could help everybody.  Nobody knows as this condition is largely a mystery.  People who admit they know nothing are the ones who grow and prosper because their minds are humble and open to vast possibilities of discovery.  

One of the biggest myths propagated is that Avodart is merely a stronger version of fin.  These drugs are made by different companies and have different mechanisms of action.  Avodart is newer and I believe it to be safe.  Fin causes huge problems for lots of men and that’s very well documented.  No such anecdotal evidence or documentation exists concerning avodart.  Thousands of men use Avodart who have never used fin and they do not report as of now the so called permanent side effects as those effects associated with fin.  

If this blog helps one person then this wasn’t a waste of time.  If I was starting from scratch, this is what I would do:

Use Cipro for 3 days and then take Avodart in the dosing schedule as I did back in the fall of 2011 and previously stated in the blog.  Repeat if necessary.  Also take NOW brand tribulus and eat a good amount of red meat.  Try to exercise- lift weights with long rest periods, do nothing intense.  Walk for 2 minutes and jog for 1 minute.  Do these intervals for 15 minutes and that’s it.  Exercise is important, it sends signals to the brain to produce testosterone. Abstain from masturbation.  May God bless all and don’t live in fear.  Give all thanks and credit to the Lord for all blessings               


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  1. Hello~
    Your story has caught my attention big time! I too am a believer and this dreadful PFS is the root of serious spiritual warfar for me.

    I have many questions but just these two will do for now.
    1.] I’m confused why it would be recommended and that you would use another 5 alpha reductase inhibitor, [Avodart] as a cure when that’s what caused the problem in the first place. Can you explain?
    2.] I read up on Cipro and Rifampin and I haven’t found enough information to see their synergistic benefit with Avodart. Can you make the connection for me?

    A little back story on me. I took Pro-Scar for around 6-9 months. By coincidence I returned to Jesus around the same time and went celibate waiting for marriage for 1 then 5 years. I realize now that it’s not just the Holy Spirit holding me back. I’ve talked with Dr. Goldstien out of S.D.,[google his ties to PFS] and I’ve tried every root, vitamin, whole food and now Clomid, HCG and Testosterone cypionate.

    Still looking for cure. My thinking is to elevate DHT not suppress it. I would be nervous to introduce another 5 Alpha blocker to my system. But I’m at my end with minimal results so I’m very open to hear your facts, logic and prompting from Jesus.

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