A breakthrough cure regimen for post finasteride syndrome

I never dreamed one day I’d be composing a blog such as this.  In some strange way I feel it was meant for me to use proscar/propecia and trudge through the alleged so called irreversible side effects.  Of course I do not feel these side effects are permanent or irreversible.  As a matter of fact, the devastating side effects some men suffer as a result of using propecia can be treated successfully.  “Treated successfully” means total recovery.  Is it easy?  Sort of.  The hard part is following the regimen.  The regimen itself is easy.  For some psychological reason, a good number of people cannot follow simple instructions.  When Edward Thorp discovered the game of blackjack could be beat by counting cards, Las Vegas feared they may have to quit offering the game at the casinos.  This fear was quickly subdued when the casino managers realized more and more people were playing blackjack attempting to beat the game but were not counting cards properly and as a result these new blackjack players lost a lot of money.  Thus, the casinos increased their profit on the game of blackjack after a method of beating the game was discovered.  The point being, we as humans tend to mess stuff up, even easy stuff.  So I do not expect this blog to help everyone.  If it helps and heals one person, it’s well worth it.

I’m going to break this down into several posts.  The actual condition and treatment of this condition is a humdinger.  There are a few moving parts.  It took a lot of observation as well as trial and error to nail this thing.  Thinking outside the box was very helpful.  If anyone reading this blog is going to limit how they think or what they are willing to do to cure this situation, it may not be as helpful to them.  That being said, only one part of the treatment is remotely controversial and needlessly so.

The 3 aspects of this treatment are as follows- exercise, nutrition and medication.  By experience, I cannot comprehend how my situation could have been resolved without all three facets working synergistically.  In my next post I’ll starting getting into the regimen and give details.  Good day to all.